For some people, reality is what they can feel by the senses. Fortunately to be a human being means something much better and complex, something that we could not put into a senses box.

We are and create meaning. That is life!

Before all, texture is meaning, is the way an artist tames the material throughout her own world, a world trapped between three dimensions.

These are the technical features of the incoming experience: “Texture”.

-  Texture medium
-  Acrylic texture medium
-  Creating textures
-  Painting textures
-  Glazing and varnish

The activity is run at:

Place: Čkalova 26, Bubenec, Prague 6
Days: 2 sessions on Tuesday ( 1,5 hours each)
Next departure: 06 May at 12:00 p.m.

Registration : to register, please send a request to ecolezen@carolinezenteno.com