My name is Caroline Zenteno, after living in different countries as diverse as Chile, Algeria, France, Spain, Czech Republic, since 2016 I am living in Sweden. As a painter, I believe that art is a wonderful way of expression that connects people with the world around them. Artistic practice is a natural need for me, a way to give meaning to my life and the life of others.

Beyond my own artistic activities, I have also decided to dedicate myself to art education: I am convinced that painting is a wonderful medium, which not only promotes the exploration of oneself but also the exploration of others. It encourages us to be more curious, creative, and communicative.

In my painting workshops, I discovered that everyone is able to create: no matter where or how we find the inspiration, the magic moment of creation is an incredible burst of energy in our daily lives and it actively contributes to opening our mind and sharing with others...
Creation helps people understand each other but it is also an experience, which makes us feel life more deeply, intensely. These are all the reasons why I’d like to help everyone, who is willing to give it a try.

The blog "Carpe Diem" was created to share my passion and my artistic knowledge with you. I’ll present here my work, my ideas and my activities at the painting school. Enjoy the visit!